My Virginity is a Burden IV – MissaX

Alex Coal & Tyler Nixon

My Virginity Is A Burden IV

“Tyler is relaxing on a Saturday afternoon when his stepsister, Alex, barges in the front door calling out, obnoxiously, for his wife.  “Brianne!”  Breeeee—ANNNE!”  Tyler takes a deep breath to ready himself.  He loves Alex but she can be immature and needy at times.  He responds, “I’m out here!”  Brianne isn’t home but Tyler insists that she confide in him, he can help her work out any problem.  That’s what brothers are for!
Alex summons her courage to tell him this deeply embarrassing secret, “I am… A VIRGIN!”  Tyler’s shocked to learn that his gorgeous sister, who has dated more people than he has, is a virgin.  Alex had told the secret to his wife, and she had some great ideas on how to conquer her fears about intimacy with a man, but since she’s not here, she turns for Tyler’s advice.  Tyler recommends tiny incremental steps; that’s how he got over his fear of flying.  Alex considers.. “since you’re a guy, and I’m comfortable with you.. maybe you can walk me through some of these steps.”  Tyler feels his cock twitch at the idea of it, but his mind tells him to slow her down.  Once Alex gets an idea in her head, nobody can stop her.  Watch innocent touching turn erotic as the story unfolds…”