Red Delicious with Jillian Janson & Riley Mae – MissaX

Jillian Janson, Riley Mae & Robby Echo

Red Delicious

Sweetheart Riley sheepishly comes into Jillian’s room. She knows that Jillian is busy studying for her Calculus exam but she needs her advice. Riley opens the door and asks, “Can I ask you a sort of personal question?” Jillian is quick to blow her off, but when Riley’s disappointed face pulls on her heart strings, “hey, I’m sorry..” she smiles, “talk to me.”

Riley confesses that she has a boyfriend, and things are getting really serious. Jillian raises her eyebrows with interest, Riley is such a late bloomer, but she noticed that Riley wants to change that. Just last month Riley got a tattoo and now she has a boyfriend. Jillian knows exactly what’s going on, “you slept with him, didn’t you?”

“No!” Riley assures Jillian, “it’s not that, but I.. really want to kiss him. You’ve had lots of boyfriends so maybe you could give me some tips?” Jillian smiles warmly, she was once in Riley’s shoes, scared and worried that she’d make a fool of herself for her first kiss. Jillian charitably offers some advice as she pulls out an apple from her backpack. “This is how I learned,” she puts the apple in Riley’s hand, “just pout your lips, relax, move slowly, feel the warmth of him as you ease into him..” Riley inhales deeply, she can feel the pressure, the excitement, and she follows Jillian’s instruction.

Jillian starts to feel warm, sexy, and so turned on. She loves to talk dirty, a self-professed dirty little minx, she loves excitement, any sort of excitement thrills her, from roller coasters, to a one-night stand, she’s the naughtiest freshman in the entire University. Jillian kisses the other side of the apple as Riley practices with her. The door opens, the girls jump.”