Masturbation Month with Chloe Temple And Cory Chase – FamilySwap

Cory Chase & Chloe Temple

Masturbation Month

They see Cory’s clothes but no Cory, but they don’t sweat it too much before settling in to watch some TV. Cory knows she’s going to be stuck behind the couch for a while, so she goes back to masturbating. Her pussy party is interrupted when Chloe gets up from the couch to get a drink and sees what her mom is doing. Chloe is immediately into the idea, so she joins Cory and takes her own spin on the big dildo. As the girls get more and more into their mutual masturbation adventure, they begin making a level of noise that the guys can’t help but hear. They go to investigate and find mommy and daughter mostly naked and so very fucking horny.