India Summer, Samantha Rone & Charlotte Stokely ( Girlsway )

India Summer, Samantha Rone & Charlotte Stokely

“The Business Of Women Part Two: Homecoming”

“[…]Charlotte reveals to Samantha what it’s really like to be employed by India, bad mouthing her boss advising Samantha she doesn’t know what shes really in for. Samantha needs to get out while she still can. Hearing every little thing Charlotte said, India calls her out, disappointed in her once again, now having to take on the simple task of training Samantha. Charlotte begs to have another chance trying her best to please her boss, but India will not have it, ordering her to get out of her sight. Charlotte falls on her knees with the snap of India’s fingers. India feels Charlotte and Samantha both need a lesson in respect and with that, India summons them into her bedroom. Their fates are now in the hands of one powerful woman.”

Co-Directed By : Stillsbyalan & Bree Mills

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