Bait & Switch – Emma Starletto, Scarlett Sage & Mazzy Grace

Emma Starletto, Scarlett Sage & Mazzy Grace

Bait & Switch

Once the blindfold is on Scarlett enters the room and we start to get an idea of what exactly Scarlett wants from Emma & Mazzy. Scarlett watches as Emma removes Mazzys clothes and fingers her soft pussy as she plays with her nipples at the same time. Emma grabs a vibrator off of the nightstand and uses it all over Mazzys body before making her way down between her legs. Mazzy moans as the toy vibrates her clit but before she can cum Emma stops and unbeknownst to Mazzy, Scarlett takes control and starts using the vibrator her. Scarlett makes Mazzy climax, and then Emma suggests that she lay back so she can lick her pussy.