Anna Rose & Cristal Caitlin – Bittersweet Tale Part 4 –

Anna Rose & Cristal Caitlin

Bittersweet Tale Part 4

“The fourth episode of Andrej Lupin’s complex and compelling series “Bittersweet Tale” finds domineering Anna Rose once again trying to take advantage of reluctant pool guy Maxmilian Dior. This time he resists, much to Anna’s annoyance, and she takes out her bad mood on chef Dolly Diore and maid Cristal Caitlin. Dolly storms out, giving Anna another opportunity to have her way with timid Cristal. She starts by squeezing Cristal’s breasts roughly, yanking her panties aside and fingering her pussy, then peels off her own skintight pants and makes Cristal eat her pussy. Anna tastes herself from Cristal’s lips, grinds on her face as she rubs her own clit, and then finishes stripping Cristal, who is shaking with trepidation. After fondling and spanking her, Anna makes Cristal start licking and finger-banging her again, kicking her away viciously as she starts to come. But Anna’s satisfaction is short lived, as events continue to unfold…”